The First Baseman's Grumpy Fan

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Sweet, closed door without swearing that features only kissing but retains the smolder.


Spicy, open door with some explicit language and all the sex scenes on the page.



Are some rules are meant to be broken?

Finn Nixon has been rewriting the rules of baseball since he started playing the game, becoming a social media sensation thanks to his dancing and tricks on the field.

A foul ball sends him on a literal collision course with Gale Frost, granddaughter of the team’s founder. Although the chemistry between them is undeniable, Gale has one rule: no dating ball players.

Unimpressed by Finn’s fun-loving antics, she’s concerned about his influence on the team her family spent decades building.

As the team’s charity gala approaches, Finn volunteers to help prove to Gale he’s more than the goofball she’s seen in his viral videos. Despite her reservations, Finn’s dedication to the event begins to crack the grumpy facade around her heart.

But when Gale’s thrust into the spotlight she’s tried so hard to avoid, she’s forced to choose between upholding her family’s legacy and her growing attraction to Finn.

Will Gale throw out her rule book and risk love for a chance at a home run romance, or will Finn strike out in the game of love?

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